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June 26, 2007



This is the most amazing scrapbook store I have ever seen! Just stunning in every way. Wish I lived closer!!


This is amazingly cute! Love the look of the store.


seriously... thanks for posting all these photos! the place is simply amazing! looks awesome..

Heather L

Amazing store!! I wish I didn't live 3000 miles away!!!

Goodluck on your grand opening...I'm sure you will be successful!

catherine feegel-erhardt (Memory Makers Master  2007)

Beautiful Store...
Looks like a place I could spend a lot of time and a lot of money in..
I wonder if I could get a layover on my way home from Creative Escape in September...
thinking cap is going on!
Nice job ladies!

vickie k

Your store is sooo beautiful!! Pink has always been my favorite color, much of my home decor is pink but this is just amazing! I wish I lived near you, I could do some serious shopping and relaxing scrapping!!

sarah the kiwigirl

What a divine looking store....only wish I was in the same hemisphere and not on the other side of the world....but am thinking about the detour for september...


Oh you're in Houston?! Maybe a road trip in my future since I'm in San Antonio!


Oh my! If I could shop there (never mind work there) I would think I was in heaven. It is so beautifully styled. Wishing you lots of business success.

Sandy McTier

I think I'm gonna have to jump in the car and take a road trip from GA to TX just to come and enjoy the ambience of this store and shop of course too!! Gorgeous! Takes scrapbooking to a totally NEW, elegant level. BEST WISHES and I'm sure it's going to be a HUGE success!!!
( I found you through Heidi Swapps blog as well)


wow how inspiring is your shop............i wanna come play there.
Good luck with everything.


I am just in complete awe of your words can express my complete jealousy of you right now! I even showed my husband the pictures from your blog last night...he, too, is very impressed! I told him "I want one of those"!!! I also found you through Heidi's blog...what a huge compliment for you! She is amazing and I can only imagine your face when the customer told you "Heidi sent her"!!! Seriously, I am finding a way for a little trip to Houston from Kansas just to see this store in is the most amazingly beautiful shop I've ever seen! Best of luck to has success written all over it!!!


I absolutely love your store - design, layout and decor. I've recently decided to do my scraproom very similar (however it is much much much smaller). I recently moved from Houston to San Antonio but make it back about once a month, so I will definitely be stopping by. Bravo!!!

Jody Ferlaak

Wow! Your dream looks like it came to life in amazing fashion!! I just love your decor and attention to detail. Love it...the colors, the classy style...I will spend a full day in your store should I ever be in the Houston area. Or maybe I'll just book a scrap trip simply to experience this spectacular place firsthand! Sending best wishes, and congratulations on your store opening. I think you have just raised the scrap-store standards around the world!!


Hi Tracy!
I, too, found you through Heidi's blog, and now I'm subscribed to yours as well! Congrats on the awesome store! You must be very pleased. As soon as I saw your blog yesterday, I shot a link to my mom and told her we're definitely stopping by when I'm home for Christmas! She lives about an hour from your store, whereas I live about 1,655.9 miles away in NY! I can't wait until Christmas!


P.S. Your next big adventure... a great web site where the rest of us outside of Houston can shop online!! Seriously.


I want to live there & eat it all up!! It looks gorgeous:)


my friend saw you on heidi's blog yesterday tracy.. i was so excited for you.

i cant wait to come in and see it. it is sooo much more beautiful than vanessa made it out to be. amazing!

i second your online store.. you should make that your next goal.



I am so incredibly thrilled that this is right down the street! It was so nice to meet you guys yesterday, and your store is absolutely amazing! I am sure I will be there quite often. congratulations on the great first day!


Your shop is amazing....I too found you through Heidi Swapps blog....I grew up in the Houston area and still have family there, so you can bet I'll be telling my very sweet (and scrapbook crazy) sister in law about your store....I live in Palestine, Tx, but my next trip to see family will also include a visit to your store....It is absolutely beautiful ...


This is absolutely stunning!! WOW!!!!!!
If I ever get to Texas I am SO coming to your store.
It is just so freakin beautiful. What an amazing idea that is.
I just love love love it!!

And, yes, I saw it on HS's blog too.

oh,and p.s. I'm from Canada. :)


OOHH can't wait to come see the store. I am in Bay City about 1 hour give or take how fast you drive:) Might have to get a group to come see ya. Best of luck, your store is divine!!

Nicki Lundeen

Your store looks magnificent...I too wish I lived near Houston. I have family nearby, I may have to visit them in the near future!

Thanks for sharing and best of luck with your new adventure!

Nicki Lundeen


Tasha Pool shared a link to your blog on splitcoast, and now I *need* do head the other way on I-10 from San Antonio to go visit. AMAZING . . . best wishes for your success!


What an amazing shop. Luv the colors, style, and display set-up. Very beautiful. Wish I had an excuse to go to Texas..but Minnesota is a bit far from your place. Will be sharing with friends.

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